April 24

Korn: Monumental was exactly that.


Korns Monumental streaming event was exactly that, MONUMENTAL.

It was not only an assault on my ears, but the visual experience was something to behold. From the rooftop of the Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience, the lights, stage set-up, video screens, multiple camera footage, and airel drone views over the skyline of downtown L.A. Gave this the major production feel that we music fans definitely needed coming out of a year like 2020.

From the opening view of the night time skyline, the members of Korn walking on to the stage, and opening the set with the live debut of their track Victimized, I knew we were in for quite the ride. And what a ride it was taking us through a set list that included tracks from the new album, as well as classic bangers like Falling Away from me, Coming Undone, Freak on a Leash, and so many more tracks that haven’t been played on a live set list in years, including Ball Tongue that hasn’t been played live since 2015, and Thoughtless which hasn’t been played live since 2010. All in all it was a great set list and all around visual and audial orgasm of epic proportions finally climaxing with Korns hit HERE TO STAY, reminding all of us music fans worldwide that Korn is definitely HERE TO STAY.

The camaraderie between all the members on that stage, the clearer heads, and obstacles they’ve endured together, definitely contributed to the tightness of this performance. Don’t believe me, tune in and see it for yourself.

Unfortunately 30 minutes in I had some connectivity issues that I had to get worked out with my internet provider, but thankfully once that was resolved I was able to log back in and enjoy the show, which will be available for the next 72 hours. So if you were on the fence about ordering this global streaming event, get off the fence and in the living room pit, because it’s definitely well worth it.

My only regret was that my flat-screen TV is only a 75 inch and my sound bar couldn’t go louder. This would be bad ass to watch in an IMAX theater. But from the comfort of my own couch and with a few friends over, it was a small taste, heading in the right direction of Metal Normalcy again.

Check it out at kornlive.com