December 28

#152 Today’s Boondoggle- with Adult Film Star, Entrepreneur, and Women’s Advocate, Nadia North


In this episode Bill talks with Adult Film Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Women’s Advocate, and Domestic Abuse survivor, Nadia North.

Bill knew her back in the day when he hired her to perform at one of the infamous ACU-2 xXx-mas parties. Nadia shares about growing up with a Navy Dad and learning to fix cars and ride motorcycles, she also talks about being a single mother and using the adult entertainment industry to put herself through college, she shares some of the secrets of dangerous methods the male performers use to remain at the top of their game, her relationship with the band Mushroomhead and friendship developed with Ms. Jackie.

Nadia did share how her at one time “Prince Charming” ex-husband Peter North got her to marry him, but then how a very dark and abusive side of him came to light during their time together. She tells a very horrifying behind the scenes story of what really was going on with what outwardly looked like a “perfect couple”, and how she was finally able to escape that abusive relationship and is still dealing with the repercussions today. Nadia also shares were her life is at today, the positive things she has ahead, and how she hopes to be an advocate or a sign of hope for other women dealing with domestic violence and abuse, plus so much more.

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