October 27

Tonight from home: NYC Hardcore Festival Black N Blue Bowl


Experience NYC Hardcore Festival Black N Blue Bowl  Live From Home via North America’s Leading Interactive, Viewer Controlled Multi-Camera VOD, VOLTAFestival Features Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Madball, Murphy’s Law + MoreLive from The Brooklyn MonarchGet Your Tickets HereOctober 27, 2022 – North America’s leading immersive and interactive video powered platform VOLTA | OMNILIVE is proud to present the VOD of NYC’s legendary Hardcore Festival The Black N Blue Bowl today, October 27 at 1pm ET previously recorded at The Brooklyn Monarch.Expanding the idea of what a concert livestreamer can do, VOLTA | OMNILIVE is bringing fans experiences like never before, for a fraction of the price all from the comfort of your home. VOLTA | OMNILIVE allows fans to make real time viewing choices during a live or VOD experience, with the option to switch between perspectives in real time or watch all cameras at once in ‘mosaic mode’ for an easy to access, seamless viewing experience. Viewers are able to control and explore content with interactive multi-view connections and take a seat in the directors chair to choose from any of the 6 camera angles, providing more flexibility, freedom, and choice than traditional broadcast. This year’s Black N Blue Bowl Bands features performances from, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Madball, Murphy’s Law, Burn, No Redeeming Social Value, Crown of Thornz, Shutdown, Ignite, Subzero, The Ice Cold Killers, Combust, The Capturers, Kings Never Die, The Fight, Threat 2 Society and One Choice. Shot on seven 4K Black Magic Design cameras and 2 BirdDog 4K PTZs, VOLTA | OMNILIVE captured 2 full days of the Bowl 2022, which was the first Bowl back since Covid 19 restrictions went into effect in NYC. Purchase tickets on Ticket Spice HERE to receive an email with a link to the show.  Catch one night for just $10 or both nights for $16. For the best connection, please make sure you have access to internet speeds of 20Mbps or higher. If you watch this event using a cellular data connection, additional charges from your provider may apply. “Being able to be a part of NY Hardcore history and play ‘BnB Bowl’ is an honor that goes beyond the music. It was an awesome gathering of family and friends made through hardcore. We are stoked to be a part of the VOLTA | OMNILIVE VOD stream and hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed playing!,” shared Mark Scondotto of Shutdown.Dean from No Redeeming Social Value adds, “We are honored to have been able to rock the party once again at the 2022 BNB Bowl, and look forward to seeing our raucous mayhem included in the first VOLTA | OMNILIVE VOD stream.”Interactivity is key to VOLTA | OMNILIVE’S platform, as fans can benefit from having the ability to curate their own watching experience. Whether it be live music, sporting events or shows in the entertainment space, VOLTA | OMNILIVE users will have the choice of camera views they want to see, or not; from watching all of them at once, focusing on a particular view, or letting the director have control. VOLTA | OMNILIVE plans to make lasting changes to the entertainment and sports viewing experience. Switching from an enticing view of a stage right guitar solo to shooting over to see the drums, VOLTA | OMNILIVE connects fans and viewers to see what they want, when they want it. Support chat for ticketing and streaming problems please contact (888) 317-4539 // https://volta.ticketspice.com/black-n-blue-bowl-2022-vodABOUT VOLTA VOLTA emerged in 2020 from the midst of the pandemic to answer the call for fan-artist connection that had been lost through the shut down of live performances everywhere.  Working as Omnilive’s North American partner with their technology, VOLTA established a fan first experience to bring together again the artist, their music, and community. Through VOLTA | OMNILIVE’S integrated platform, fans can buy tickets, merchandise, and VIP experiences while connecting with other creators, artists and fans in real time using the chat function. Artists can produce their own streams or hire VOLTA | OMNILIVE’S production crew to capture content using their stable of 4K cameras and even promote their creations using VOLTA | OMNILIVE’S in-house PR team. Multicam content creators of all types can submit work to be presented on VOLTA | OMNILIVE. Content can be viewed via the VOLTA | OMNILIVE platform with certain performances mixed using the spatial audio of DOLBY ATMOS. The company plans on delivering mobile apps for iOS and Android in the near future, but in the meantime, performances and interactive features can be accessed on VOLTA’s website on any device.VOLTA on the Web: VOLTA Facebook // BlacknBlue Productions Facebook Instagram: @voltaentertainment  // @blacknblueproductionsnyc