March 9

Astronomicon is not of this world and a can’t miss encounter.


I attended my very first Astronomicon this weekend near Detroit Michigan, and although I had heard of it prior, I never made the commitment to attend until this year and quickly realized that I had been missing out on one of the best Pop-Culture conventions in the area.

My family and I have been regular attendees at past Wizard World and Fan Expo Conventions here and Cleveland, as it’s one of our annual family events we attend together that my daughters still haven’t grown out of doing with their Dad. We even started branching out to the Steel City Con in Pittsburgh because they always tend to provide an awesome line-up of celebrity guests.

But taking some advice from a few friends, I ventured out by myself to investigate this one called Astronomicon in Michigan. Not only did they have a solid line-up of Celebrity guests, but they had some really well ran events and panels, as well as Live Musical Performances. Even though some of the music performed may not be my preferred style, the sound was really well run and the fans really seemed to enjoy themselves.

The celebrity guests all seemed to be in good spirits and enjoyed their interactions with the fans, the staff was very helpful and really accommodating, and the space seemed just perfect that the crowd was able to make their way through without being on top of each other. I even witnessed the handling of a medical emergency by the staff keeping the crowd cleared out so the first responders could get to the person in need and get them safely out of the venue to be cared for.

All I can say is so many reasons to name this one of my favorite Conventions to attend, and I will definitely be back with the family next year, and you should as well. Stay informed of everything Astronomicon at

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