June 27

Astronomicon 6.5 proves sometimes cancellations work out.


Photo by Krystle Thomas

When bad weather prevented Kevin Smith and others from attending Astronomicon 6 for the big Clerks cast reunion, the people behind the scenes, along with Kevin Smith, wanted to make it up to their fans. And that they did, and then some, with Astronomicon 6.5

Fans not only got Kevin Smith this time, but his entire family, and the crew from Clerks and Mallrats. The Jay and Silent Bob universe was in the house, or should I say Manor, as in Burton Manor in Livonia.

Photo by Krystle Thomas

This is by far one of the best Cons that I’ve been to, and well worth the drive from Cleveland.

If you’re a Wrestling Fan as well as a Horror and Sci-fi fan, this has a little something for everyone. The madmen behind Twiztid go above and beyond to make this weekend an experience that you will never forget, and look forward to coming back to again and again. I’m already looking forward to Astronomicon 7.

Photo by Krystle Thomas

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