September 9

The Night I got Rocked by the BabyKlok


I am a HUGE fan of Metalocalypse and seeing the band live was something I needed to do. The Babyklok tour was an Audio/Visual experience from start to finish.

I had heard of Babymetal before but have never seen them live. I watched a few videos and still wasn’t sure what to expect.

Babymetal live is amazing and their videos don’t do them justice, the stage show was entertaining to say the least. The girls had the moves and great vocals but the instruments to back them up is what made them hard-core.

DETHKLOK did not disappoint. They were back-lit to look like silhouettes so your focus was on the brutal clips from Metalocalypse!

When Murmaider came on the fans went nuts screaming along to the song.

The crowd made the show a time to remember. The audience was alive with singing, some moshing and even some great costumes.

The opener was Jason Richardson and his instrumental performance was very impressive. He hyped up the energy of the crowd to kick off the start of the show.

All and all it was a great performance and experience from start to finish, I can now say that I had been Rocked by the BabyKlok!!

Photos by Stacy Candow.

More Photos on the Domain Cleveland Facebook page.