Today’s Boondoggle is a podcast/radio show on Domain Cleveland Entertainment. Veteran owned and operated where the humor is dark like our coffee. A cornucopia of nonsensical shenanigans.

Today’s Boondoggle is the brainchild of Navy veteran Bill Bailey. Bailey gave up a blossoming career as a local concert and event promoter in the Cleveland area to serve in the United States Navy when our great nation needed him the most.

Bill Bailey served from 1992-2012. Bailey’s service included serving as part of an F-14 Squadron (VF-84) on the Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier. Following, Bailey joined the Assault Craft Unit Two based in Cleveland.

A proud veteran who was willing to defend this nation’s freedom, Bailey served and fought for our nation twice in Iraq and Kuwait; first in 1993 and again in 2008.

When Bailey returned from service, he realized that he wanted to create an entertainment outlet that incorporated not only his own dark sense of humor, but something that would be freely distributable entertainment for people providing service to our nation, as he has. Hence, Today’s Boondoggle was born.

With each episode of Today’s Boondoggle, Bailey explores not only musical guests, but real world issues as seen through the eyes of someone that gave a large portion of his life to the betterment of this great nation.

It’s patriot content for like minded patriots, or people that just need to think like a patriot!!


It’s simple really, but we’ll let Bill tell you himself!

“The name Boondoggle is inspired by something one of my Senior Chiefs said to me during my 2008 deployment. I was known for always finding a way to get out of administration work and being stuck in the office, and getting in on trips off base. So my Senior Chief asked one day “what kind of Boondoggle are you going on today, Bailey?” It’s kind of an homage to him!”

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