April 15

#54 Today’s Boondoggle- The COVID-19 Edition


Entertainment is an ESSENTIAL Business for People during this Global Pandemic and Today’s Boondoggle is here to keep you entertained. In this episode Bill gets together with Boondoggle Regular, Entertainer, and Conspiracy Aficionado Florence Whitengale to discuss what they’ve been doing during this Corona-virus LOCK DOWN. Bill brings us up to speed on why there hasn’t been a new episode for awhile. Then him and Flo get into their thoughts on the virus, the theories behind it all, Trusting THE PLAN, as well as putting their own creative juices together to create a PANDEMIC MIX-TAPE to help people get through this trying time on our planet because after all LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE. So kick back and enjoy. Please Subscribe, Give 5 Stars, and Review the Show. Every review on Apple Podcast and Google Music will get you a shout out on a future episode and our Social Media pages. Follow Today’s Boondoggle on Domaincle.com and Anchor.fm and please consider financially supporting us so we can continue to provide you with quality entertainment.

Domain Cleveland
#54 Today’s Boondoggle- The COVID-19 Edition

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