October 14

#85 – Today’s Boondoggle – We Deserve Trump Edition


In this Boondoggle episode, Bill and Flo White read parts from the book TRUMP: The America We Deserve. Written and released over 20 years ago, President Trump goes over his thoughts and plans involving American Business, Saving our Schools, Safety forces and safe streets, Foreign Policy, Terrorism, his plans for the economy, Saving and securing our social security, health care, and his views on politics in America.

This book is copy-written in the year 2000, and was written during the Clinton Administration, but his plans for America’s prosperity and thoughts about the swamp in D.C. haven’t changed. Here’s an outsider that hasn’t flip-flopped or played the political games with the special interest groups as his predecessors. I can’t stress enough for everyone to read this book, especially before the 2020 Election.

The future of our REPUBLIC is counting on you. 

Don’t be left behind the coming financial shift. Listen to this episode and invest in your future.

So kick back with your headphones and cold one for this latest episode.

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Image: Today's Boondoggle
Today's Boondoggle
#85 - Today's Boondoggle - We Deserve Trump Edition

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