November 25

#92 Today’s Boondoggle- Densil “Denz” McFarlane of the band The OBGMs


In this episode Bill calls up north to speak with one of our Canadian friends, Densil “Denz” McFarlane of the band The OBGMs.

They talk about life in Canada during a Pandemic and the difference between how the Canadian media presents the news from how the United States does. They also talk about the meaning behind OBGMs, how Denz almost quit music for good but wanted to continue to influence other black musicians, as well as how their latest album THE ENDS is the greatest album out there today (in his humble opinion).

We also talk about adapting to the times we’re in and how he’s learned to make music videos and directed most of their own videos, playing live music again, the gift of being a Father, as well as so much more.

So kick back with your headphones and cold one for this latest episode. Enjoy our additional segments featuring music from the Flo White Show and Stories from the VFW Hall.

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#92 Today’s Boondoggle- Densil “Denz” McFarlane of the band The OBGMs

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